Tax Evasion

There are a number of crimes that are considered to be federal offenses. Normally these offenses are much weightier in magnitude and consequence. One such crime is tax evasion. The majority of this country's population is subject to taxation. Paying taxes is a reality in any community that has instituted a government. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deals with America's taxation policies. It is the agency that has been instituted to oversee collection and enforcement. The government takes the issue of taxation very seriously. The act of avoiding paying taxes is normally dealt with severely.

Legal Requirements

Each year, every citizen is required to fill out a tax return. This return deals with any taxes that were not accounted for in the withdrawals for each paycheck. Filling out and sending in this tax return is required by law, however, sometimes people forget to do so. Merely forgetting or overlooking this process is not harshly punished. It is considered to be a misdemeanor with minimal consequences--normally a fine and paying back what is owed. However, if the failure to pay taxes is consistent, it will arouse suspicion.

If an individual consistently fails to fill out a tax return and pay what they owe in taxes, it may be considered a federal crime. First, it must be clear that the failure is a part of a scheme to purposefully not pay the government tax money. The malicious intent behind the act is a crucial feature of the charge. The government must somehow prove such a motivation. There is also the possibility that an individual or a corporation will provide inaccurate information in order to pay fewer taxes than they are actually supposed to. This could happen by reporting less income than is actually made, hiding money in offshore accounts, or inflating and exaggeration deductions. When this is the case, the government must prove that there is a tax requirement that was not met.

Steps You Should Take

If you are facing charges of tax evasion, there are a few steps you should take to protect yourself. The first is to hire an experienced attorney. These charges are very serious and should not be taken likely. Working with a quality legal professional could be your best chance at a fair fight. Remember: the government carries the burden of proof. They must somehow prove intent or an initial tax requirement. Such entities can be very difficult to prove and the proper defense is necessary to point out all the holes in the prosecution. Our attorneys are former state prosecutors and will, therefore, know what to look for in the prosecuting case. Our legal team is dedicated to fighting for your best interests.

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