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Handling Bench Warrants in Florida

Having a warrant out for one’s own arrest is a harrowing experience, no matter the circumstances or the individual involved. Any mild “slip-up” such as accidentally running a red light could lead to your being taken into immediate custody of the law. The Florida judicial system and agencies of law enforcement treat warrants in a very serious manner. They can and will seek a person out to make an arrest if they fail to appear at a court date, violate parole, or if court-ordered sentencing has not been carried out properly.

The Daytona Beach bench warrant lawyers of Hagar & Schwartz, P.A. have experience with bench warrants and have backgrounds in Florida state prosecution. This presents our clients with a greater chance of winning a bench warrant case, as we have experience with the oppositional side. We have an advantage that could influence the outcome of your case in a victorious way.

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What is a Bench Warrant in Florida?

A bench warrant is issued when an individual fails to appear to their court hearing. They can be issued because of failure to appear for a myriad of reasons, whether traffic tickets or never receiving the mail notice. The police treat bench warrants like any other arrest warrant, once issued, you can be arrested at any time.

How to Resolve a Bench Warrant in FL

Outstanding bench warrants in the Volusia County and Daytona Beach areas are serious matters. Hiring the right Daytona Beach bench warrant lawyer for this type of situation will help you avoid the stiff consequences dealt by the Florida criminal justice system. If one decides not to appear at a set court date, a person can face penalties even more severe than before. An individual facing a bench warrant will have better chances of resolving their case if they choose to appear; arriving equipped with the best lawyer possible for your defense is a key element to a successful case outcome. We strongly encourage you to contact Hagar & Schwartz, P.A. today to speak with an experienced Daytona Beach bench warrant attorney.

Representation You Need for Your Bench Warrant Case Today

Our talented lawyer have the dedication, knowledge, and experience to defend your case in the best possible fashion. We offer compassionate, discreet, personalized service for your comfort and convenience. For help with legal issues such as bench warrants, failure to comply or pay fines, or violation of probation, contact one of our dedicated Daytona Beach bench warrant lawyers to begin building a solid defense for your criminal case.

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