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Overview of Florida Sex Crimes

The very nature of a sex crime charge is enough to make many juries want to prosecute and convict as quickly as possible. The social stigma that accompanies a sex crime allegation is so severe that it almost serves as a punishment on its own. However, there are actual legal ramifications that will also be given to anyone who is found guilty of unlawful sexual behavior.

America has allowed its citizens a great deal of freedom, including the freedom to express oneself. However, in the eyes of law makers and enforcers there are limitations to these freedoms and some of them are of a sexual nature. For example, certain acts that one may believe to be a form of self-expression could be viewed by another as indecent exposure, lewd or lascivious behavior or even harassment. In a world in which anyone is allowed to express themselves, any number of interpretations can also arise from these forms of sexual expression.

If you or someone you know has found themselves facing a charge of sexual indecency, then it is imperative to contact a Daytona Beach sex crimes attorney as soon as possible. Call us at (386) 693-1637.

False Accusations of Sex Offense in FL

The lines surrounding sexual preferences and activities are so blurred that it has become very difficult for anyone to know what exactly will be considered appropriate and what will not. Unlike cases involving weapons or drugs in which substantial evidence can help determine the outcome of the case, sex crimes are different. It can be much more difficult to declare that an instance of rape really was so.

In some cases, false claims or vindictive plots to socially hurt another person result in a lie that could potentially destroy a person's life forever. When this occurs, someone could be wrongfully convicted because the nature of the accusation is enough to make people want the accused to be guilty.

Protect Yourself Against Sex Crime Charges in Volusia County

The only way to protect yourself against this kind of mistreatment is to hire an expert Daytona Beach sex crime lawyer that you can trust. Finding the right attorney could mean the difference between your freedom and a conviction. While it is understandably difficult to put on a brave face and deal with the accusations that have been made against you, it is imperative to do so. Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. An experienced Daytona Beach sex crime lawyer from Hager & Schwartz can accompany you on this process, making sure that your best interests are always fairly represented.

To learn more about how your case can be expertly defended, contact a Volusia County sex crimes lawyer at (386) 693-1637 as soon as possible. Your future could depend on it.

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