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      "If you need help go see Brett!"

      We worked with Brett on a domestic violence charge. He was the third lawyer we went to and we FINALLY got the result we desired. His knowledge of the law, the system and straightforwardness are beyond impressive. He "tells it like it is", but he knows how to get the job done. In our case, we were stuck in traffic and he had won before we even got to the courtroom. I can't say enough about his competence and true care for his clients.

      "Should you ever need a defense attorney, he is the person to contact."

      I was referred to Brett Schwartz by a friend facing very serious charges. He was very understanding and also very honest, walked us through the process of what could happen from beginning to end best case scenario and of course worst case scenario. He did not make promises he could not keep and fought hard to seek justice. He and his team were available at all times of the night. I would text or call after hours and would always pick up. Due to his hard work and efforts the charges were never filed and case was dropped which is truly a miracle and we are so grateful for all his dedication. Should you ever need a defense attorney he is the person to contact, I guarantee he will not disappoint. The effort and dedication surpassed my expectations by far.

      "I thoroughly recommend Brett Schwartz as a defense attorney."

      I ​thoroughly recommend ​Brett Schwartz ​as a defense attorney​. He worked tirelessly and relentlessly to get my case dropped even before it went to trial. He succeeded, although the odds were heavily stacked against us. Thanks to ​our overcrowded​ justice system, the entire ordeal took two months, ​and ​was the most stressful experience of my life, I was in constant panic and anxiety. Schwartz and his partner John Hager helped me through the entire ordeal, even ​affording me the opportunity to speak to them after hours ​and any time I needed them. They also waded through a tremendous amount of evidence I provided that showed my innocence, and used it to get a meeting with the prosecutor that eventually ended with the charges being thrown out. Here's my story: I was married to a particularly vindictive and manipulative woman who has threatened to lie to the police and have me arrested on domestic violence charges for over three years. ​I made the mistake of not taking her seriously and ​finally, after a particularly nasty fight in June, she made good on her threats and called the police while I stood there and begged her not to. I was arrested, although my ex-wife lunged at me in front of the police, spent over 24 hours in a jail, and endured the horror that is ​the​ criminal justice system. Afterwards, I came out and hired Hager and Schwartz to handle my case. I provided them with messages in which my wife attempted to extort money from me, recordings of her hitting and yelling at me, and other things that demonstrated her lack of credibility. Armed with this evidence, Schwartz approached the prosecutor, secured a meeting early in the process, and successfully convinced her to drop the charges. I think it is pretty common knowledge these days that when a man is accused of domestic violence by a woman, his guilt is presumed and the system often has little interest in considering his side of the story. I am confident that without Schwartz fighting for me, the prosecutors would not have listened to me. He got them to listen while assuring me that i​I ​would see justice. I am happy to have this ordeal behind me, and I am happy to ​highly ​recommend Hager and Schwartz to anyone who is falsely convicted of a crime and feels like they have the odds stacked against them.