According to Chapter 796 of the Florida criminal statutes, prostitution is a criminal offense punishable by jail, prison, fines, and probation, among other penalties. Both engaging in and soliciting prostitution are criminalized in the state of Florida.

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Florida statute 796.07, “Prohibiting Prostitution and Related Acts,” prohibits receiving or giving of sexual activities for hire.

This excludes sexual activity between spouses. Under this statute, it is unlawful to:

  • Establish, operate, maintain, or own any structure or building used for the purpose of assignation, prostitution, or lewdness
  • Agree to secure or offer the act of prostitution for any other indecent or lewd act
  • Offer, agree to receive, or receive a person into a structure, place, or building for the purpose of assignation, lewdness, or prostitution
  • Take, transport, or direct a person to a structure, place, or building with knowledge that the purpose of the transporting, taking, or directing is lewdness, assignation, or prostitution
  • Entice, induce, procure, and solicit another individual to commit lewdness, assignation, or prostitution
  • Purchase the services of any individual engaged in prostitution
  • Offer to commit, engage in, or commit in lewdness, assignation, or prostitution
  • Remain in, enter, or reside in any place for the purpose of lewdness, assignation, or prostitution
  • Abet, participate, or aid in any acts mentioned above


In Florida, the penalties for prostitution and solicitation vary depending on numerous factors, such as prior convictions. A person convicted of a prostitution or solicitation charge can be sentenced as follows:

A second-degree misdemeanor for a first violation:

  • A county jail sentence up to 60 days
  • Probation jurisdiction of 6 months to complete AIDS awareness training and STD screenings

A first-degree misdemeanor for a second violation:

  • A county jail sentence for one year
  • Probation jurisdiction of 12 months to complete AIDS awareness training and STD screenings
  • Exclusion Zone, which prohibits the person from entering a specific geographic area while on probation. In most cases, the exclusion zone is the area where the offense occurred or one that is known as a common place for prostitution.

A third-degree felony for a third or subsequent violation:

  • A prison sentence up to five years
  • Fines up to $5,000.00 in addition to court expenses
  • A probationary period up to five years


Other acts related to prostitution can cause a person to face criminal penalties including offenses by adults who involve minors in any acts prohibited by Chapter 796. Others include:

  • 796.04: Coercing Forcing or compelling another individual to become a prostitute
  • 796.05: Deriving support from proceeds of prostitution
  • 796.06: Renting an area used for assignation, prostitution, or lewdness
  • 796.08: Testing positive for a sexually transmissible disease and fails to inform a person whom he or she has engage in sexual activity
  • 796.09: Coercion


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