What Happens Immediately After a Domestic Violence Arrest?

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If a family member or significant other reports you for domestic violence, there is a high chance that you will be arrested as a result. Domestic violence charges are taken seriously, and even an accusation with no solid evidence can still be grounds for arrest. Our team at Hager & Schwartz, P.A. is here to explain what happens in the immediate aftermath of a domestic violence arrest.

Possible Release from Custody

After a domestic violence arrest, you will be taken into police custody. From here, you may be offered release on your own recognizance or with bail. If released on your own recognizance, that means that you agree to attend all future hearings as necessary in exchange for your release from custody. If released on bail, you must pay a certain amount of money prior to release. This payment serves as a way to ensure that you will attend court as needed and follow the rules during your pending case. In severe cases, you may be held in jail without the opportunity for release.

Restraining Order

It’s common for a restraining order to be granted after a domestic violence arrest. This is true even before the defendant is found guilty. If there is an active restraining order against you, it is crucial that you follow the conditions of the order. Violating the order can not only hurt your domestic violence case, but can result in additional legal consequences.

Preparing Your Defense

If you are accused of domestic violence, you need to work with an experienced attorney on your defense. It is crucial that you get started as early as possible, as this will allow the time needed to craft the strongest defense possible.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys in Florida

When your back is against the wall, Hager & Schwartz, P.A. is the team to call. If you have recently been charged with domestic violence in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Daytona Beach, give our attorneys a ring at (386) 693-1637. We are here to help you achieve the best possible case outcome.