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Criminal Charges for Selling Drugs Online

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

August 4, 2022

The widespread use of the internet has created a global marketplace. Many people have bought or sold something online. For some, it’s illicit substances. There are a surprising number of ways that drugs are distributed using the Internet. Let’s go over some common methods and potential criminal penalties for drug crimes that occur online.

Drug Sales on a Small Scale

Many people use their smartphones when it comes to drug transactions. This may be texting, or using other apps where messages disappear. For example, Snapchat is commonly used as a way for drug dealers to communicate with buyers. On this app, the messages can be saved by the users but most will disappear after being read. This makes many people feel more secure in their illegal activity. However, it’s important to note that these messages are not permanently gone, and could potentially be subpoenaed in connection with a criminal case.

Drug Sales on a Large Scale

While most text or Snapchat drug transactions are relatively small, there is a side of the Internet that deals with larger drug deals. Online drug trafficking has become a new criminal offense in the last couple of decades. On the ‘darknet’ individuals can make arrangements for large-scale drug transactions. Then, the drugs are sneakily transported to the buyer – sometimes in other countries.

Criminal Charges for Online Drug Offenses

Just like with in-person offenses, online drug crimes are severely punished. Individuals who conduct any type of drug sales online could face jail times, fines, and even federal charges. Know that even on a private browser or on the darknet, all online activity is traceable and could be used as evidence against you.

Drug Crime Defense in Daytona Beach

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