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July 9, 2019
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Music Festivals & Criminal Defense

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

August 12, 2019

Something is amazing about music festivals: it could be the great food, it could be the great music, it could be the great company, or it could be a combination of all of these things; unfortunately, there are also a significant number of arrests. For this reason, Hager & Schwartz is here to identify some of the most common arrests made during and after music festivals.

Drug Possession

Drug possession is arguably the most common arrest made at music festivals. Therefore, if you decide to use while at a music festival, be prepared for criminal charges. Additionally, if a cop sees you giving drugs to others, you may face possession with intent to sell charges.

Drunk & Disorderly Charges

In Florida, it is legal to be intoxicated in public. However, if your intoxication endangers the safety of another person or property, you could be charged for drunk and disorderly. Police are at concerts to keep the peace, so make sure you stay calm.

Additionally, you could face drunk and disorderly charges if you are causing a public disturbance due to your intoxication. Therefore, if you incessantly bug people while you’re intoxicated, you may want to reconsider getting drunk.


Many festivals promote love and acceptance, but fights do occasionally break out. However, what you may not know is that you can be charged for assault even if you never touch someone else.

Assault charges can stem from threatening to harm someone, which means intimidating someone could be enough for an arrest. Make sure you gauge your language, especially when things get heated.

Need Criminal Defense?

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